For Students

Resource Department

John Rennie believes in inclusive education. Our Resource Department consists of teachers, a special education technician, and integration aides. We also enlist the assistance of peer tutors when possible. We all work diligently to try to ensure student success, both academically and socially. The Resource Department coordinates the placement, programs, and evaluation of students who have special needs within the context of the regular program. We also coordinate work- study placements for our special needs students.

Support services may be provided both in class and in small group settings. In addition to academic support and modified curriculum, we develop life skills and social skills. Students who receive support could include those with diagnosed learning, emotional, and/or behavioural difficulties, as well as those who have intellectual or physical challenges. Individual Educational Plans (IEPs) are created in collaboration with a team of the student’s teachers, parents, student, and other support professionals as needed. Other students who are feeling overwhelmed and struggling may also be referred to resource for assistance.



The Planning Room

The Planning Room is a special area designed to help students create better communication skills with both staff and peers. Administrators may decide to send students to the Planning Room in the following situations:

  • A student is consistently rude and discourteous to staff or students in the class.

  • A student’s behaviour is disrupting the learning environment of the class.

  • A student���s behaviour is affecting his/her own learning environment in the course of the day or during a particular class.

The Planning Room is staffed by a behaviour technician, who will help the student to evaluate his/her behaviour and develop a positive plan of action for success in the classroom. Students who are sent to the Planning Room may be sent for a particular class, or for a short period of days, depending on the amount of difficulty the student is having. Although the Planning Room is not used for resolving academic difficulties, the student will also be completing the work from the classes that he/she is missing during the time spent in the Planning Room.


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