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Membership Form
Declaration concerning a Judicial Record
Please note: This form is for those who wish to volunteer in the school. Once form is completed, he/she must present themselves at reception with photo ID. The form will be initialized by Mme Danielle Gobeil, executive secretary, and then the paperwork will be submitted.

We encourage you to join our local Home and School Association. Home and School is a vital part of the volunteer organization in both elementary and high schools. The Québec Federation of Home and School Associations is recognized by the Ministry of Sports, Leisure and Education as the watchdog and only independent voice of English parents in Québec.

Our local Home and School Association offers individual family memberships at a cost of $20.00 for the year. If you are already a Home and School member at another school, you may pay $3.00 to become an associate member at John Rennie. A family membership includes membership in the provincial association and the national association (Canadian Home and School Federation; every province has a provincial association). Membership entitles you to vote at all meetings and includes the Federation’s newspaper, which is emailed to you, and liability insurance coverage for the member.

JRHS Home and School volunteers work closely with the school's Parent Participation Organization, providing assistance where needed in the school. We also participate in fundraising activities, proceeds of which go towards enhancing the students’ environment and to grant awards to deserving students at the end of the year.


For more information, please email JRHS Home & School at jrhs.hands@gmail.com



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