Academic Programs



Academic Plus Enriched Program – Entrance Exam required*

*Students will write in May of their Grade 5 school year.
For more information please refer to the
Lester B. Pearson School Board site at www.lbpsb.qc.ca


There are a variety of programs at John Rennie as we strive to meet the range of requests from our community. Our enrichment program - Academic Plus - is offered to selected students in both Enriched English and French Immersion programs.

Academic Plus students are given Spanish as a third language, an enriched core subject program in English, French and Math, and an enriched Science profile in Cycle II that includes Physical Science, Biologie humaine, Physics, Chemistry, and General Biology.

Our general French Immersion program provides students the opportunity to study in French the Social Sciences through Secondary IV and the Sciences through Secondary III.

Sport-Études is a MEES recognized program offering a condensed academic schedule in conjunction with two or more hours of training of a specific sport, on a daily basis. Students who choose this program must be organized and have good time management skills since the program is accelerated.


Cycle One - Secondary I and II

John Rennie offers the younger student a structure referred to as Cycle One, which is in reality, a school within a school. Grade 7 and 8 students are situated in their own area of the building for most academic classes. The Junior School has its own administrative area with a vice-principal assigned to Cycle One responsibilities. A secretary/surrogate Mom is there as well to look after the forgotten lunch, the missed bus, or any other mini-tragedy that might occur.

The Junior School is committed to a team approach, which enables us to limit the number of teachers working with your child. In this way, we are able to ensure that your child is well known by a small group of teachers who can readily identify and personalize his or her needs.

In addition to this small school feel within the Junior School, we have the advantage of being part of a larger facility. Consequently, we have access to programs and facilities that are simply unavailable in smaller schools. We like to think that in Cycle One at John Rennie we are able to offer the best of both worlds.


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