Academic Plus Enriched Program


Academic Plus Enriched Program – Entrance Exam required

For more information please refer to the
Lester B. Pearson School Board site at www.lbpsb.qc.ca


All applicants write the same entrance exams for Academic Plus, however, students with stronger French abilities may be offered a place in the Academic Plus Langue Maternelle program. Please see flow chart below as to respective Academic Plus Langue Maternelle and Academic Plus Immersion programs.


Profile of an Academic Plus student:

  1. Excellence in academic studies
  2. Independent and diligent learner
  3. Loves a challenge
  4. Genuine interest in all subjects
  5. Prepared to work hard
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Grade 7 students
Entrance Exam

Academic Plus Langue Maternelle

Academic Plus Immersion

Enriched French Immersion French
Spanish Spanish
Enriched English Enriched English
Enriched Mathematics Enriched Mathematics




Géographie/Histoire Géographie/Histoire
Physical Education


Physical Education


Ethics & Religious Cultures Ethics & Religious Cultures
Option Option


What is the Plus In Academic Plus?

  • Chromebooks used as a creation tool. 

  • An enriched level French Immersion program emphasizing mastery of written and oral French.

  • An enriched English program which includes reading and novel study, expository and creative writing, poetry, debating, and oral presentations.

  • Spanish Third-Language program.

  • An enriched Mathematics program based on problem solving and reasoning.

  • An enriched Science program designed to prepare students for advanced Science courses.

  • Unique and innovative curricular materials and methods.

  • Experiential learning excursions designed to enhance classroom learning.

  • A community service component that encourages awareness, concern, and commitment to others.

  • Unique workshops to expose students to a wide variety of cultural activities.


Academic Plus Sec. I, II  
Enriched Courses Sec. III, IV, V

'School within a School'
(Cycle One concept)

Superb Science Facilities State of the Art Computer Labs
Instrumental Music Drama Improvisation
Theatrical Productions Debating and Public Speaking
Fine Arts Leadership Training
Student Life Program Winning Athletic Tradition
Outstanding Record of Academic Awards



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