Governing Board


Members 2022-2023

Parent Representatives Staff Representatives
Dov Bensimon
Liane Brabant
Colleen Boyarchuk Anne Cooper
Cecil Chabot Mirella Fuga
Professional Staff
Stephanie Legore Raquel Lobaton
Karina Leonard
Kevin Pellegrino
Carlo Santaguida Andrea Sayfy
Eric Schultz Stephanie Sievers
Caroline Veillette Sonya-Patricia Vann
Support Staff
Student Representatives Community Representative
Gabriel Grenier-McDermott Massimo Venturino
Regina Lizarraga Santamaria  
Jennifer Kurta

Eve Marie Durand - VP

Mathieu Larocque - VP

Jessica Pinto - VP


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2022-2023 Minutes

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  June 21, 2023
  May 17, 2023
  April 19, 2023
  March 22, 2023
  February 22, 2023
  January 25, 2023
  December 14, 2022
  November 16, 2022
  October 26, 2022



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  Did you know?
Consultations with the School's Parents
  Le-Saviez-Vous ?
La consultation des parents de l'école





Member Number Right to vote
Yes No
Parents 8 X  
Teachers 6 X  
Support Staff 2 X  
Students 2 X  
Community Reps 2 X
Principal Ex-officio   X


The total number of seats for school staff must equal the number of seats for parents. It is important to note that if the General Assembly of Parents fails to elect the required number of parent representatives, a governing board cannot be formed and all powers and responsibilities of the governing board revert to the principal.

Governing Board meetings are open to the public; meetings are listed on our monthly calendars.



The governing board is responsible for making numerous school decisions which affect the internal operations of a school. As outlined in the act, responsibilities include:

  • Adopt and oversee the implementation and evaluation the school's educational project.

  • Approve the student supervision policy.

  • Approve rules of conduct and safety measures.

  • Prepare and adopt an annual report and inform the community about the services provided by the school.

  • Approve the approach proposed by the principal for the implementation of the basic school regulation.

  • Approve the overall approach for programs of studies.

  • Approve the time allocation for subjects.

  • Approve the programming of the school's educational activities.

  • Approve the approach for implementation of student services and special educational services.

  • Approve use of the premises or immovables placed at the disposal of the school.

  • Adopt the school's annual budget.

  • May enter into agreements concerning the pooling of goods and services or the holding of joint activities.

  • May enter into agreements concerning extracurricular activities.

  • May, in the name of the school board, solicit or receive sums of money.

  • Be consulted on textbooks and instructional material required for teaching programs.

  • Encourage communication of information and dialogue between students, parents, teachers, school staff and community partners.



Members of the governing board take office as soon as all members listed in the chart above have been elected or no later than September 30th. The term of office is as follows:

Parent Representatives Two years
Other Representatives One year
Chairman (must be a parent) One year
Number of meetings per year Minimum of five (5)
Quorum Majority of members including at least
half the parent representatives


Parent Representative Elections

In accordance with The Education Act, each year before September 30th, a general assembly of parents of the school is called by the governing board chairman. At this time, the following takes place:

  • Parent representatives on a governing board are elected by the assembly.
  • The assembly of parents also elects a parent representative and an alternate parent representative to the Parents' Committee at the school board level.
  • Parent assembly votes on formation of Parent Participation Organization.


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