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Green Team


Staff Advisor: Jean-Francois Pepin


The Green Team is made up of a dedicated group of students and staff who promote sustainable projects at John Rennie High. Our current focus is on recycling. We have a great team in Resource who collect and sort recyclable paper, plastic and pop cans. The student body contribute by placing their recyclables in large bins that can be found throughout the school.

The school store focuses on selling environmentally friendly products and we are encouraging students to bring reusable lunch bags and water bottles. Other wonderful projects that our Green Team have been involved with include crocheting milk bag sleeping mats for third world countries, raising funds to build a school in Burundi, maintaining the gardens on our campus and composting.  

We take pride in our endeavours in helping make our world a better place...Go Green!!!




Mission Statement

The Green Team, composed of both students and staff members, works to increase awareness of environmental and humanitarian issues and promotes the adoption of responsible practices within the John Rennie High School community. The Green Team also fosters the development of partnerships with local organizations & agencies in order to better fulfill its mandate.


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