Guidance Department

General Information

Students are invited to visit the guidance office to obtain information about CEGEP, vocational education, selection of high school courses, as well as graduation requirements. Students can make their own appointments to discuss personal matters as well. Conversations are confidential, but students who are under 14 require their parents’ permission for ongoing personal counselling.

The following topics come up in the guidance office:  

  • Can I get into CEGEP with the marks I have?

  • What grade 10 and 11 courses do I need to take for a particular CEGEP program?

  • I am considering a trade program and need more information.

  • I need help making friends.

  • My parents are getting divorced.

  • Someone I was close to died.

  • I feel very stressed and anxious a lot of the time.

  • I don’t know what I want to do after high school.

  • I think I might be pregnant.

Students who are interested in finding out about different careers should check out Career Cruising at www.careercruising.com. To access the site, enter “john” as the username and “rennie” as the password. The site offers an interesting career test called “matchmaker”. Students who complete the test are invited to come in to the guidance office with their results for further career exploration.

The Guidance Office also has the names of tutors for all subjects, at all levels. We can help students get in touch with one, whether it is a peer tutor, CEGEP student, or teacher.

It's easy to make an appointment; students can come to the Guidance Office at recess or lunch, as well as before or after school, and fill out an appointment slip.



Graduation Requirements

Students graduating from John Rennie High School earn a Quebec Secondary School Diploma in General Education. The requirements for graduation are: 54 credits in total from Secondary IV (Grade 10) and Secondary V (Grade 11), 20 of which must be from Secondary V. These credits must include:

  • Secondary IV Mathematics

  • Secondary IV Science

  • Secondary IV History and Citizenship

  • Secondary IV Art option

  • Secondary V English Language Arts

  • Secondary V French Second Language

  • Secondary V Ethics and Religious Culture or Physical Education and Health

These courses will allow a student to enter some programs at CEGEP including Social Science and Creative Arts, Languages, and Literature (CALL). However, many programs require specific pre-requisites beyond the graduation requirements. For example, the Natural Science program requires Technical and Scientific or Science math from secondary V as well as Chemistry and Physics secondary V. Please contact our Guidance Department for more information.



Finding Balance:
How to start making positive changes to improve your life





Month Scholarship Description
OCTOBER Parliamentary Page Work part-time in the House Of Commons for 10-20 hours per week. Must attend the University of Ottawa or Carleton, and not be in a Science program. Must be bilingual and have an average of at least 80%. Need superior interpersonal skills. Salary approx. $10,000.

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Established to encourage secondary-school women, under age 19, to enter careers or seek leadership in social policy-making, government and volunteer organizations. Must be in Grade 11.
Young Women
in Public Affairs
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  Jean M. Coon Humanitarian Award Please click here for more information

JANUARY Discover The Stars The West Island Chamber of Commerce gives out these $1000.00 awards to students going into Science or Technology programs in CEGEP. Twenty awards are usually given out each year. They look for high marks and leadership in the community. Finalists will be interviewed.

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FEBRUARY Summer Language Bursary Program The Federal Government provides money to pay for 6 weeks of tuition and room/board at an educational institution.

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MARCH Royal Canadian Legion Students eligible to apply must be pursuing further education and have a close relative who was/is in the Canadian Military or allies. Must be handed in to the Guidance Office by the end of March. Visit the guidance office for an application.

MAY Toope Scholarship Given to a student residing in Beaconsfield who has a strong academic average and participates in the community. See guidance department for application.

JUNE Loans and Bursaries Financial assistance is available from the provincial government for studies in CEGEP's and Quebec universities. The amount of financial aid is based on the family income. June 30th is the application deadline.

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Given to a student who will be attending John Abbott College in the Fall who plans on becoming a teacher. The candidate must have strong marks. See guidance department for application.


Free Canadian financial aid web resource to help students find money for post-secondary education.

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Vocational Education

Vocational education is an interesting option that frequently gets overlooked when students and parents are considering the “next step” after high school. Trade programs are varied and lead to real jobs. I encourage all students and parents to familiarize themselves with what vocational training has to offer.    

Vocational programs might be of interest to many different types of students. Do you fall into any of these categories?

  • Are you looking for a hands-on learning environment where you would spend a considerable amount of time as an active participant in your education?

  • Are you hoping for a short educational path that gets you into a well-paying job within two years of completing high school?

  • Do you want to be a chef, electrician, esthetician, or carpenter?

Vocational education has a lot to offer. Please take some time to learn more by visiting the following websites:


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