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Grad Year


Grad Year – The pinnacle of a student’s trek through secondary school is an exciting one for students, and an expensive one for both students and parents! John Rennie will be sending more detailed information home for parents of students of Secondary IV and V later in the school year to inform them of the estimated cost of grad year, as well as providing valuable do’s and don’ts from years of experience. While activities and prices vary from year to year, the following list outlines some of the traditional activities and their estimated costs.  

Grad Photos $30.00+   Grad Wall-Climbing $35.00
Grad Ring $120.00+   Sugaring-Off Trip $35.00
Wonderland Trip $375.00   Grad Ball Ticket $150.00
Grad Sno Ball $50.00   Corsage/Boutonniere $10.00+
JRHS Yearbook $60.00   Grad Ball Photos $30.00+
Grad Bowling $35.00   Cap/Gown Rentals
(includes 1 convocation photo)
Ski Trip $410.00      

Please note the costs relating to the Grad Ball do not include tuxedo rental, cost of a gown, limousine rental and any hotel room accommodations. We encourage students to fundraise for grad (and other school-related) activities during their high school years through Student Council fundraising. Proceeds earned by the students are deposited into their own school accounts.


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