1. Definition
The school is responsible for the supervision of the students within its care. All school personnel are responsible for the active supervision of students with the prime responsibility resting with the teachers and administrators.
  1.1 Prior To the First Bell/Class  
All homeroom teachers are on duty as of the morning warning bell.
  1.2 Class Time  
During class time, the students are supervised by their teachers who also supervise the corridors between classes.
  1.3 Recess, Lunch and Bus  
Supervision is assigned to teachers for bus arrival and departure, lunch and recess.
    a.  It is the collective responsibility to supervise at recess.
    b. The following areas are supervised during both lunch hours:
  • Cycle 1 Hall, Science Hall, 200 Hall, 300/500 Hall, Cafeteria, Library/Great Hall, Vocational Hall and Open Gym
  • Enrichment/Remedial Activity Supervision

Regularly scheduled activities such as the following are encouraged as part of the supervision policy before school, after school and at lunch:

  • Open Computer Lab
  • Open Math Lab
  • Open Gyms (seasonal)
  • Open Games Room
  • Open Weight Room
  • Homework/Help Room(s)
  1.4 Before and After School 
Please note that students are supervised 10 minutes prior to school opening and 10 minutes after the departure bell. Parents are urged to remind students that they may not be in the building without adult supervision.
  1.5 Activities, Tutorials, Athletics, Dances and Major Events
The students are supervised by the teacher(s) in charge of the activity. Activities taking place outside of school hours must have a responsible adult present in the building who is actively supervising the activity. The adult is subject to acceptance by JRHS administration.
  1.6 Bus Duty 
A staff member will be on duty to receive and dismiss the buses at the beginning and end of each day.
  1.7 The supervision of students must respect the terms outlined in the Teachers’ Collective Agreement.


2. Field Trips and Extra-Curricular Activities 
Refer to the Field Trip Policy.  


3. Exam Time  
A separate schedule is drawn up for the supervision of students during exams.


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