To offer a successful two year grad track alternative program to students who are capable, but not able to succeed or excel in a regular classroom setting.

Grade 9 students wishing to apply to come into the Renniessance program must have been at John Rennie for at least one year and pass at least two core classes and two others. Because the Renniessance Program is a grad track program, students must demonstrate that they are academically capable. Students needing summer school will still be considered for the program. Those students in grade 10 wishing to remain in the program for the upcoming year must amass 24 credits.


Class Size
Ideally, a class will not exceed 20 students. Therefore, the program would contain roughly 40 students a year. New students will not be accepted into the program after the fall trip unless exceptional circumstances prevail.

The Program
The driving principle behind the program is to help students focus their abilities and obtain enough credits to graduate from high school and attend either a vocational program or CEGEP.

In order to succeed, the program is self-contained. It is staffed by three full time teachers who cover all core and option classes. Therefore, Renniessance program does not necessarily follow the school’s daily schedule meaning our classes do not tumble and class time may be longer or shorter then the prescribed in the regular stream.

Formal class presentation time (teaching) could be shorter in some subjects. Once the material has been covered and the work assigned, students who understand the material would begin working. For those students experiencing difficulties, this would be when the teachers work one-on-one to ensure each student understands the material.

Grade 11 students are expected to complete a specified number of hours of Community Service during the school year. During the first term, guest speakers visit our class and educate our students about the different volunteering opportunities that exist. Students then have two weeks to choose where they would like to volunteer their time.

Another component of the program is our Early Fridays. On Fridays, students come to class for A, B, and C block for formal teaching. At the end of C block, their work for the week is checked and verified, and those who are up to date, haven't missed any classes during the week, are not in need of a tutorial, and who haven't received any cleans up can sign out. Those students who were absent, not up to date on their work, or those who need a tutorial will have our undivided attention. this allows us to work with our students in even smaller groups.  

The other main component to the program is leadership skills and responsibility. Through the organization of a food drive, toy drive, school bar-b-q, fieldtrips, and a Renniessance yearbook, students will have the opportunity to learn and practice essential decision making and leadership skills


In line with the Reform, Renniessance students take the same classes and write the same exams as every other student at John Rennie.


What does a student get in the Renniessance Program?

  • smaller class size

  • more individual attention

  • monthly progress report to parents (by telephone or email)

  • access to free tutoring before and after school (if and when the student requests it)

  • the option for alternative assignments in English

  • a Fall leadership hiking trip

  • day trips and guest speakers

  • a more relaxed classroom but with stricter rules

  • creative freedom (no racism or personal attacks)

  • the opportunity to practice and refine leadership skills


What is expected of an Renniessance student (and their parents)?

  • It is both the responsibility of the student and the parent(s) to ensure that essential school supplies (pens, pencils, paper, and binders) arrive at class each day with the student.

  • To abide by all John Rennie and Renniessance rules.

  • Regular attendance (it's mandatory to succeed).

  • It is not the destination that is important but the journey. Students in the Renniessance program are expected to work to the best of their abilities always.

  • Students in the Renniessance program must be respectful towards school property, teachers, and fellow students.

If the Renniessance contract is not respected, Warnings and Strikes will be given. After receiving 3 Strikes, the student will be asked to leave the program and the Administration will decide the next steps to be taken. Options include: Rejoining the Regular stream under a strict contract with the Administration, home study with or without tutor, applying to Cartier (if the student meets the age requirement), or joining the work force. Students whom are asked to leave the program may apply again the following year.


The price of the fall leadership camp and other outings (winter ski trip) are included in the student’s Renniessance fees. This amount for the 2014-15 school year is $270.00, and is above the regular school fees. It is essential that 50% of the Renniessance fees be paid prior to leaving on the fall trip (this should take place during the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd week of school). The remainder of the fees should be paid in full no later than the last day of school before the Christmas holidays.


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