Dress Code


Extracted from JRHS Student Code of Conduct Policy


  1. While I realize that John Rennie High School does not have a designated uniform, I understand that my manner of dress should reflect the academic nature of our building where we come to learn, socialize and work in a diverse community. I will not wear clothing that depicts offensive language or messages. My top garments will meet the waistline of my pants, and my shoulder areas will be covered (straps at least 1-2 inches). My bottom garments will not hang below my waistline, and the length of my bottoms must fall below my fingertip length. My undergarments will not be visible through my clothes. I understand that pyjamas do not show respect for the academic nature of our building. I will not wear my hat, bandanna or hood in the building, and I understand that that outdoor jackets and backpacks are not to be worn/brought to class or the food service area. I understand that the purpose of our dress code is to foster an atmosphere that encourages us show that our daily routines at JRHS are important to each of us as individuals.


Each student has the obligation to respect the John Rennie High School Code of Conduct Policy and the Lester B. Pearson Safe School Policy.

Administration will impose consequences for failure to comply with the Code of Conduct on a case-by-case basis. Consequences could include, but are not limited to: detention, parental interview, suspension, planning room placement, community services, recommendation for expulsion, or potential police involvement, depending on the severity of the offence.



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