Electronic Resources – Acceptable Use


John Rennie High School is fortunate to have access to computers which include Internet and email capabilities. We believe it is important for students to learn responsible use of this valuable resource, which will greatly enhance their learning environment.
Although students will be supervised when using the Internet, and although our school board uses a program to screen out inappropriate material, there is always a possibility that students may come across inappropriate text or images that are not consistent with our educational goals and values. While providing students with complete protection from accidental exposure to such materials is impossible, we believe that the benefits of using this medium far outweigh the risks.
The use of the school’s computers is a privilege and not a right. Students are expected to conduct themselves responsibly and politely. Below are guidelines for acceptable use of computers and the Internet within the school. We encourage you to discuss them with your child, and hope that you will also find them beneficial if your child is using the Internet at home.

  • Use of the Internet will be under the supervision of school staff.

  • The use of computers and the Internet will be for curriculum-based goals only.

  • Students will not provide information of a personal nature online.

  • Students will inform their teacher immediately when coming across information that is either unexpected, or which makes them uncomfortable.

  • Downloading of files, programs or images is prohibited without permission of the teacher.

  • Students will not change or modify the school’s hardware settings in any way.

  • Students will be held responsible for any deliberate damage to data, hardware or software.

* Please note that students at John Rennie are not entitled to use the computers in the library without showing the signed document that is in the Student Agenda.


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